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tv   Headline News  RT  July 1, 2013 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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egyptian protesters stormed the headquarters of the ruling muslim brotherhood in cairo as millions take to the streets demanding president morsi. european officials are up in arms over the sheer scale of washington's spying against them as revealed in the documents calling it a throwback to the cold war meanwhile venezuela hints of possible asylum for the man behind those revelations edward snowden. britain's dry downing street to embrace g.m. food despite a wall of activists and health organizations who say politicians and corporations are treating consumers like getting paid.
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welcome you're watching r.t. with me and. nash news just in protesters in egypt have stormed the headquarters of the muslim brotherhood in cairo ransacking the building and hurling furniture out of the window that comes after some twenty million citizens flooded cities across the nation demanding the president step down by choose day or face a mass rebellion true reports from colorado on how the m arrest has been developing . millions of egyptians came down to the streets in nationwide protests against president mohamed morsi on sunday the first anniversary of his term in office international news outlets actually said this could be the largest demonstration seen in the history of the world certainly in the capital at these marches stretched out towards the horizon as they descended on the free square and the
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presidential palace the scenes of the free square on the presidential palace behind me on sunday it would largely peaceful however there was an episode to violence towards the muslim brotherhood that headquarters in the part of the streets of the capital about five hundred people were supposedly came to the building and attacked it with mona talks and rocks security forces for their part and to contain the violence firing tear gas canisters and this is led to reports that the for the president himself may have left to become brittle to security reasons to spokesperson spoke on behalf of the presidency they said sunday evening saying that yes the presidency had made mistakes to be in a very difficult year but called on the opposition to have dialogue this is unlikely to happen now as opposition forces have already said in numerous statements that enough is enough they don't want to have dialogue they don't believe that president mohamed morsi is fit to woo nationwide protests but call for by law streets initiative tomorrow the rebels who said they'd like to twenty two
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million signatures calling for the ousted president they said this to many homes in the country is a fading in front of me were saying to you and. what issues are just writing great prices as well as human rights abuses and he needs to resign now and they've actually reportedly given him a deadline of tuesday five pm in saying that he must resign by this is really a divided egypt with two different sides are all going to back down meanwhile just a few kilometers away from the presidential palace where mass demonstrations are happening against the president the uses of force the president mohamed morsi had that only demonstration it's called for by the islamic and lions a coalition of islam is parties in support of the president and his organization the missing brotherhood's they said the president was democratically elected and therefore the only way to relieve him from office is through the elections this whole be a demonstration of legitimacy is a red line and slam the opposition forces including tomorrow as being dogs and
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illegitimate each division is increasing across the country and violence rising people feel that this situation is not going to end anytime soon and the worst is yet to come. well for more on this let's talk to me or clark who is a journalist focusing on the middle east that we've just heard in the last few minutes that the muslim brotherhood headquarters has been stormed in cairo if president morsi doesn't step down i need he has made it clear he won't what do you think will happen next well i don't think he's got to step down i think let's just pause and reflect on what we are witnessing now in egypt we are witnessing the largest anti-government demonstrations in history powerful credit to our team because r.t. is about the only major news outlets given this amazing event the coverage it deserves we're talking about one quarter of all of it of egypt actually out in the streets protesting and he can't stay on the quite clear that the people had more than enough of it he's been a total disaster the year he's been in power he's broken every single problem that he that he made when he was elected and it's time for him to go if he doesn't go up
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the civil war could happen because you know people are streaming angry and they're angry about what happened in twenty eleven because they want a radical change in twenty seven he didn't just want mubarak to your place. by another us western puppet and that's what's happened there hasn't been any real changes to the economy people are getting poorer unemployment's going up and up and up and people want real change they're not going to be content with just another us delusion or in cairo do you think there's any regrets about barak at all to bring in the state the country's in if anything the situation got worse than under mubarak i'm employment has risen since twenty eleven youth unemployment has risen bread prices have risen and actually prices have risen the average egyptian is worse off now than he was two years ago and he saw to the fact that it wasn't a real change in twenty eleven what we had was a popular uprising it's mubarak but the us and western allies came in there and took control of the situation engineer the result was good for them and it's quite clear that this is not good for the majority of egyptians they want radical changes
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they want to change in economic policies they want jobs they want read they want cheap fuel prices they're not getting it under morsi the situation has actually got worse you said in your opinion that. morsi has no choice but to step down but if he did who is the alternative candidate who is the new leader is there any one viable waiting in the wings it's up to the egyptian people to decide that by having a new election and i go take the lie that he's really smiling because he won the election a year ago he broke every single promise everything he said we could talk for six or seven hours of all the promises that he's broken in the opposite things he's done and really it's up to people it's not up to the u.s. and it to say who runs egypt and the interesting thing is the silence from the western leaders about these massive protests these are the biggest protests in history can you imagine if seven million people in venezuela that's twenty five percent of the man is when a population were out on a street protesting against the government that we would have president obama we would have william hague strong character actress saying with your i must resign
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their silence on egypt it's the biggest demonstrations in history against the government and the west is saying that the map proves one thing that the change we had in twenty eleven was merely a cosmetic change nothing changed really and this is. the real revolution now we're witnessing in egypt and the people must have better say a morsi says he will not step down so what do you think he will do next to hold on to power well i think he's emboldened by like i mean turkey in the fact that the u.s. doesn't want him to lead our muslim brotherhood in the us or in this together muslim brotherhood helping the u.s. achieve shitty objectives in the middle east the last thing the us wants is a socialistic government sort of nasser in egypt that would read ashen lies change economic promises a stand up for egyptians interests and for the interest of all the people so he feels that the west are behind him but the numbers here are bigger than in turkey does have more support in turkey that morsi has in egypt i think and i have the anger is out in twenty million people on the streets they're not going to leave they're not going to go back home they've got nothing to lose and you because you
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find employment is is going up all the time people haven't got jobs they haven't got bread them got food they've got nothing to lose here and they're desperate and i think morsi has to accept that and to realize you know the last year's been he's asked if we need to have radical changes in this country you say they have nothing more to lose but potentially could an economy actually get worse that there is another revolution no i don't think it can get much worse morsi has continued with a flawed policy is not mubarak the washington consensus policy is a more privatized nation cutting. benefits etc let me of cutting subsidies of basically just the poor got poorer we need in egypt a radical new economic model the model of egypt fall of one thousand nine hundred fifty two to nine hundred seventy and a nasa was hugely successful the majority of egyptians at the fastest rising living standards for ordinary people nasa was a great leader for egypt in terms of all who gets his and you know that they are the kind of policies that egypt needs to follow now and to break fully one hundred
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percent of the foreign policies of the mubarak era ok thank you neal what do we do have to leave it there that said journalist neil clark live from oxford thank you and how do you. still ahead syria is bracing itself for a flood of american weapons amid u.s. claims that deadly cargo will only be given to so-called moderate rebel fighters but critics warn they will just prolong the two year conflict and lead to even greater bloodshed that story coming up shortly. the fate of the fugitive whistleblower edward snowden may be decided today in moscow where venezuelan president nicolas maduro is jude to arrive the leader of the world's most oil rich nation has hinted that if snowden requests it he could be given asylum by caracas all of this is europe reels from revelations that its leaders have been victims of u.s. bugging and surveillance r.t. your piece going off as the story. edward snowden has already asked ecuador for
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political asylum and they're currently reviewing the request but there's speculation that the question is still far from having been decided so the second or so already granted political asylum to julian songe was wanted by the u.s. and it seems this whole story around edward snowden is creating even more problems for the relations between ecuador and to the united states. force that the n.s.a. may have started intercepting ecuadorian government telecommunications after the full story would know them and apparently the country is under a lot of pressure right now from washington but when it comes to venezuela it's of recently elected president nicolas maduro who is attending this major gas suppliers conference in the moscow he personally said that there's a great chance that snowden could get a little salad in his country if he officially asked for it and now the former
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n.s.a. contractor himself is believed to be in the russian capital here rived to the transit zone offered me to an airport around a week ago from hong kong with an invalid american passport and to the u.s. asking for his actual dition snowden so latest revelations have been published by german media which we force that the national security agency in the u.s. every month listens to around half a billion of private phone conversations in germany alone also monitors the telecommunications of e.u. leaders and senior officials is allegedly bugged the e.u. government offices including its headquarters in brussels and according to a document allegedly leaked by snowden the n.s.a. ranks the european union as a third agreed to coordinate in the same group with countries like china and saudi arabia and all this is forced major outrage in the e.u. with many officials saying that if these reports are true then this could be a significant blow to the relations with washington some of them fairly. to world
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war you were tactics and the situation is even right media leaders treated leniently between the two the worse works hundreds of billions well nicholas mature i will be joining the leaders of some of the world's top gas producing nations in moscow today looking at ways to keep global energy supply stable coordinated projects to balance supply and demand will figure heavily at the summit at a time when the controversial practice of hydraulic fracking is upsetting the markets and the environment artie's katie pilbeam will have more on this a little later on. the sheer scope of america's surveillance against europe has prompted analysts to look for motives with one intelligence expert saying it all fits into the realm of economic espionage this is spying for the reasons mainly because it cannot recall espionage. to steal national secrets from companies to produce troi jobs and to import jobs to
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their own countries so what the emerging to like to do is to destroy jobs in countries like germany in countries like france where to the reality of europe the public is just to say well it isn't chinese to spy for economical reasons it's a russian. or whatever reality or biggest enemy obviously choose the united states is the united kingdom so it's allies spying against all odds and if you're interested in just how u.s. intelligence services harvest and process your data had to r.t. dot com for an explanation and also there we've got plenty more of snowden's latest revelations and his efforts to evade capture for more use in a couple minutes. interview
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. good. morning news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. for
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a shelter all day. hello welcome back now britain is calling on the e.u. to ease its tight regulations on genetically modified food with the country's environment secretary saying g.m. farming is actually safer than many of the alternatives the government wants the widespread caution towards g.m. agriculture to be reassessed but the prime minister has stopped short of saying such products himself so let's take a look at why biotech foods are so controversial g.m. crops such as corn and rice spread through the food chain via cattle and end up in our daily products around ninety percent of all biotech seeds are owned by the american multinational monsanto which is causing global control of a sea with its monopoly strategy the company's accused of stifling small businesses
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and driving farmers to ruin and that economic backlash is combined with growing fears over the health implications of biotech food and t. g.m. activists are raising the alarm they warn of side effects ranging from simple allergies to devastating immune problems but environmental groups including greenpeace are playing down those claims they say it's too early to say whether the doctored crops are good or bad but stressed the dangers of experimenting on consumers for more on this is artie's. it's controversial but britain's environment secretary says that the public should embrace genetically modified food is a hard sell the campaign is say it's dangerous to human health whereas the scientific community supports the technology and if it is a safe as they and the government to shore it is and the argument for g.m. food is quite compelling it would allow farmers to grow crops in tough conditions and thus help to feed hungry mouths around the world the u.s.
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and brazil already must have produces of the stuff and the british government says the u.k. shouldn't be getting left behind but to talk more about this i'm joined by dr robert he's the founder of the alliance for natural health which campaigns against g.m. foods talked of attack there are a billion hungry mouths in the world and we're being told that this technology is safe shouldn't we embrace it in that case well if you look at all the real developments in raising eels it hasn't actually occurred through g.m. it's because through conventional breeding practices some of the greatest success stories even in the last five years have been related to traditional propagation techniques we've got to remember that the safety issues divided between both health effects and environmental effects and we know that the european authorities have probably one of the most comprehensive evaluation systems compared with other parts of the world but only two crops have actually got through the net for cultivation over fifty have been approved for consumption but of course the majority of it is
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given to animals and not to humans what are the risks in this case how is it dangerous to human health people use the fact that there's been a lot of g.m. produced of course a large amount of it going to animals but the u.s. population has been eating a lot of g.m. corner a lot of g.m. soy and they say well we can't see the effect we believe looking at humans as guinea pigs is not a great way of doing it particularly given the fact that we're only looking at really one or two generations of exposure why is the government so keen to develop this technology in that case and who would be bent. getting from it if they did but of course there are about a half a dozen companies that are the key players in this areas of which monsanto is the biggest and they've been putting huge pressure on governments and of course if you look at the concerns that for example the four hundred scientists involved in the big un study i started was recent two thousand and eight that said g.m. has no role to play in feeding the poverty in the developing world they're also
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saying that the biggest problem is concentrating the agricultural resource and particularly seed supply in the hands of a few companies and these companies have a lot of sway with the major governments in the world including the u.k. government divakar many thanks for your comments but as one environmental group said the british government's attempt to get g.m. food back on the menu is like flogging a dead horse and despite any of the scientific arguments for it one thing that you can't argue with is that g.m. food just doesn't have a good reputation a survey last month showed that only twenty one percent of the u.k. population supports the technology. artsy london and you can read more about this story at our website where there's plenty more for you to catch up on including human rights watch sets its sights on. the organization urges the country to keep its hands off the internet after it jailed seven people for inciting protests on facebook and
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a new military buildup on the korean peninsula is the north is reported to be beefing up its troops on the border more on that at r.t. dot com. speak your language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on our team reporting from the world talks about six of the yard p. interviews an intriguing story are you. trying. to find out more visits. the u.s. claims it has found a way to make sure the arms it sends to rebels in syria won't fall into the wrong hands this comes after a leaked report from the cia that it's about to send heavy weapons to rebel fighters but is reports there's concern within the u.s. political establishment that extremist groups could be the ones to benefit. as war
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torn syria braces for an influx of u.s. arms some u.s. politicians ask whether president obama has carried out background checks on syrian rebels before giving them weapons this is a tweet from senator ted cruz and it's a snarky comment given president obama's push for more stringent rules for gun it was issued here in the united states as well flooding syria with weapons the administration's standards may be quite different from those applied at home the obama administration claims it's familiar with the backgrounds of those the u.s. is arming in syria there are greater guarantees now that the weapons are being transferred to moderates and to directly the syrian opposition but many ask how do you determine degrees of moderate amid a bloody civil war where the opposition fight is riddled with horrifying executions scenes like the. what happens is that. the more radical elements will have access
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to these weapons and that's and there's really no foolproof way of insuring against them the fear is that the libyan scenario is being set in motion again this time in syria we have as a result of both the u.s. and nato intervention in libya the unleashing of a massive cache of weapons from libya both weapons that came from the west as well as weapons that were part of kentucky's caches and then made their way across the borders into money to actually create havoc not only in mali put throughout the region u.s. politicians ability to do background checks on those who they backed has been compromised a number of times in the past whether it was with osama bin laden or with syrian kidnappers and criminals in senator mccain's photo album his office later issued a statement saying the senator did not know the rebels by their names when he agreed to take a photo with them it shows the utter confusion and. inability to determine who the
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good guys are and who the burgos are the obama administration claims that it decided to flood syria with more weapons because the u.s. has evidence that the syrian government has used chemical weapons the year when in the meantime says it has no proof as to who used chemical weapons in syria and there are indications that chemical weapons went to turkey and into the hands of the our national. streets in terms of looking at that you don't hear you hear a peep when the u.s. there's a great if this one group in syria terrorist organization the rest of the syrian opposition criticize the u.s. for that then demanded that washington reverse its decision they were thankful for its assistance in fighting on their side and keeping that in mind one should ask are there any guarantees that those getting the worst weapons in syria now will share america's values in washington i'm going to check out. a quick look now at some other international news corp has become the twenty eighth member of the
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european union sparking celebrations across the country to formally war torn state has gone through several years of tough and sometimes unpopular economic reforms to become a part of the u. but now in its fifth year of recession and with one in five people out of there are widespread public doubts over whether this new status will actually bring benefits . in brazil police have clashed with protesters angry cuts to public services in the large amounts of money being spent on sporting events thousands crowded outside the stadium where the national football team defeated spain in the confederations cup final tournament has been overshadowed by ongoing protests that have brought hundreds of thousands of people out into the streets over the last two weeks and at least nineteen firefighters have been confirmed dead after battling a wildfire that's been raging for the past three days in the u.s. state of arizona the blaze is devastated the small town of damaging. buildings and
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forcing residents to evacuate it's believed to be started with a lightning strike in a forest the flames then spreading quickly in high when this or that or the world's gas producing giants both nations and corporations are gathering in moscow to sift through the challenges facing the industry among them our financial troubles new technology and fracking an environmentally dubious practice that's been jumped on by u.s. energy firms artie's katie pilbeam reports on the order of the day. the world's biggest gas countries and companies have sent delegations to moscow to discuss their continued dominance of the industry now there is plenty on the agenda including how to develop in these tough economic times along with new energy technologies and efforts to protect the environment who are the member countries that at this summit well we can see in the blue russia is joined by a run and egypt there are thirteen members in total plus four observers in the
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orange that including iraq norway according to the organization the gas reserves of the member countries altogether sixty two percent of the world's natural gas reserves as for russia energy companies account for whole of the value of the russian stock market guestrooms exports make up ten percent of the national total other form comes at a time when liquefied natural gas is a hot topic of debate because the us is on the brink of becoming a major exporter of l.n.g. thanks to fracking lead energy through which is meant the u.s. gas prices have collapsed the design prices in the rest of the world especially europe have jumped gas prices are now five times higher in europe than in the u.s. environmental concerns surrounding the shale gas have been flagged up by the president of russia himself rather made putin it recently spoke of ground war so becoming contaminated by the fracking process of the high cost of production putin
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has also worried russia's energy companies to rise to the challenge of shell and hill no doubt in the dissidents at the gas forum do exactly the same in moscow today. thanks for being with us today up next french right wing politician during the penn talks about her battle against the media that scene. after the break. south carolina is playing around with the idea of using shame plates which are license plates that can display special messages the department of motor vehicles would have complete access to all these plates and be able to display text on them like suspended uninsured amber alert or stolen you know i actually don't mind the idea of using shame as a punishment i guess it could be a real deterrent to have drunken loser written over the license plate of someone
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who drinks and drives in fact drugged driving plates have been in place in some states for a while but the problem is that more often than not shame penalties aren't the punishment for a crime but just a bonus one in my native ohio you can go to jail for three to thirty days and have your license suspended for one or three years for driving which is a brutal punishment in a country where everyone drives to work you see people are already punished for drunk driving and in america when you pay your debt to society i.e. you get out of jail you're supposed to have a clean slate but the bonus license plate suspension and possible punishment plates make this a triple sentence ignoring the fact that the government will be able to practically display words on your person like a brand on cattle is bad enough but multiple punishments for the same crime seems like a bit of a she thing to me but that's just my opinion. hello
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and welcome to sophie and co i'm sophie shevardnadze and today we're looking at friend's son its new leading figures after we are said the margins of the politics then came served in a presidential race last year this woman is definitely gaining a stronger footing with her people and her ideas are quite controversial. one simple logical outsider now breathing down the neck of the establishment challenging patriarchy and politics popularity rising as all staring and joblessness batter europe. multi-culturalism graveyard where social unrest is right.


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